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Posted hace 2 meses | 21 readings | 0 comments | Tagging lubricant, dryness, vaginal, condom, boyglide, aquaglide, bioglide, vagina, anal, penetration
The lubricant for sexual use often does not have a very positive image.It seems to exist only to alleviate a problem.It is often considered as a type of medicine not very glamorous. However, it is very useful to know because one day or another is useful for anyone with a sexual life.And if we ignore the use, it's a shame. Lubricant and vaginal drynessThe first logical indication of the lubricant is vaginal dryness.This drought can be of two types.It can be a permanent discomfort.This is seen with certain medications that have this unpleasant side effect, or sometimes at the time of menopause, in the weeks after delivery or during certain hormone treatments.It can also be a more punctual vaginal dryness that appears only at the time of intercourse, the vaginal transudation is not adapted as it should allow a comfortable and pleasurable penetration.The most common cause is lack of sexual desire, but also the same factors as permanent vaginal dryness.In all these cases, a lubricant can overcome the discomfort, even to calm the pain, to recover a feeling of vaginal moisture and a satisfactory sex. The most suitable lubricants are recent and have a "delay effect" because they are composed...
Posted 20/June/2014 | 46141 readings | 0 comments | Tagging geisha balls, sexuale toy, vagina, perineal muscles, orgasm
The Geisha Balls:This sex toy is made of metal balls, connected by a thread of latex, or other metal, are placed in the vagina and, optionally, in the anus. Uses:Geisha balls used to strengthen the perineum after delivery, due to its heavy weight.Allow women to better control the muscles of the vagina, to give more pleasure to your partner and have them added.Geisha balls are also used to strengthen the perineum and prevent leakage.Description:The Geisha Balls diameter is in principle, of a size of about 3.5 to 5 cm. These Geisha Balls were officially used for the muscles of the hands, but the distinction is subtle.Modern...
Posted 13/June/2014 | 510 readings | 0 comments | Tagging cleaner, sex toy, sex toy, dildo, penis, masturbator, anal plug, condom, lubricant
Increasingly, the use of sex toys, either alone or in company, is more standardized and routine, so it is very important to know that require special care in order to extend the life of our toy and use with confidence and safety. Keep in mind that erotic items may contain harmful bacteria, if they are given proper maintenance. So you should clean your toy before first use and after each use you give him. Let's see how we clean our sex toys, depending on the material they are made to keep them new as the first day and still enjoy the best of them. It's simple, you just have to clean your skin as clean and forget...


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